“Working with Eldeen was awesome! She creates a comfortable environment so you feel relaxed. The session went fast but never felt rushed. She pays attention to every detail, she knows exactly how to place you in order to get the best possible shot and her directions are easy to follow. Eldeen’s confidence, caring and professionalism combined to produce a great final product and I love the shots I got!"

– Heather Spillman

9 News

“Eldeen is welcoming and professional in her approach to capture the slice of life that is you. Her attention to detail is not only refreshing, but much needed for this industry. I'm humbled by the fantastic images she captured. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you!"

– RJ Wagner


“I had the pleasure of recently working with Eldeen and was blown away but her professionalism. It was so refreshing to have such great direction from her throughout the shoot as to what she was seeing on her end of the camera. Her attention to detail assured me that I would receive marketable pictures for my industry. I will definitely be using her in the future for all my headshot needs. Thank you!"

– Courtney Maynard

“My experience with Eldeen was phenomenal. It was my first headshot experience and she made me feel comfortable and welcomed in her home. She has a funny and warm personality which helps you loosen up and have fun! She made me feel confident, like a real super model! I had no concerns going into the shoot. Eldeen explained everything beforehand perfectly."

– Shanelle Hughes

“Eldeen made me feel very comfortable at her home studio. It was great feeling like I was being seen as an individual artist rather than just another client needing a generic headshot. She is very knowledgeable and helpful in her posing tips. I felt confident that I was getting great lighting as well as the shots I wanted. I am confident that this shoot will help casting directors see a wider variety of my character options."

– Danielle Renee Vivarttas

“I had an amazing, uplifting, confidence-boosting experience getting headshots with Eldeen. Before I arrived, I was very nervous and tense and worried that I was going to have trouble getting my genuine personality to show. The greatest thing happened when I got there. Eldeen greeted me like we had already been friends and from there, proceeded to make me feel beautiful and so relaxed that I forgot all about my insecurities and absolutely loved my session with her. As if the time with Eldeen wasn't fabulous enough, I was even more excited when I saw how wonderful my headshots turned out. I would totally and highly recommend working with Eldeen for, not just incredible headshots but, an experience that leaves you with the feeling of being on top of the world!"

– Cara Noel

“Such a talented headshot photographer and kind person! Eldeen is a top notch professional who made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived. She is a master of lighting and pays attention to every detail to make the photos as amazing as possible. Loved the studio setup. It was a fun space with awesome backdrop options and all the latest technology to keep up with trends in the entertainment industry. She has an amazing artistic vision, all while running a very efficient session. Highly recommend for actors in the Colorado market!"

– Kasey St. John

“Eldeen was absolutely fantastic to work with! She's friendly and professional and had great attention to detail. She's someone that definitely knows
what she's doing when it comes to photography and I felt comfortable and confident in her work throughout the shoot. Her level of professionalism comes through in the photos I received and my headshots look great!"

– Jenny Kim

“A good actor headshot must be more than just an attractive picture. In order to do its job in getting the actor into auditions and seen by casting directors, it must be effective in revealing the personality and soul of the actor, and it must be technically of the highest professional quality. I was very satisfied with my actor headshot photo session with Eldeen. She did a great job putting me at ease before we began shooting, and during the session she asked pertinent questions about my life and acting career that helped set a mood where I felt comfortable being myself in front of her camera, which came across in the final images. Of equal importance, Eldeen is a technically skilled photographer who pays meticulous attention to the smallest details of exposure, lighting, and angles. Our session together resulted in some outstanding photographs that I have added to my acting resume. Thanks Eldeen!"

– Mark Canjar