Here's Why

Here's Why You Need A Great Headshot Immediately

In any industry, you need to stand out – be striking – give your peers a reason to look longer and feel a connection.

You need to immediately communicate;

 -Your Unique Values and Qualities
 -Your Look, Accurately.
– Your Most Attractive Features
 -That You Are Serious About Your Profession

My job as your photographer is to communicate all this (and more) with one single shot.
I take this job very seriously. I've spent the last 10 years studying lighting, reflection, backgrounds, posing, expression, body language and communication. I also happen to LOVE what I do! I basically play, solve fun puzzles, and get to know people for a living. (Life is GOOD!)

What is your headshot communicating?

Let's get you some headshots and looks that can't be passed over.